Stintzi Domain in Husseren-les-Châteaux

Thanks to its perseverance this small family estate has gradually developed over the years.

Today, thanks to his know-how, Olivier wants to transmit his love and passion for wine to you.

After many years of "sustainable agriculture" he started a new project in 2019: the conversion of the estate to organic agriculture. Proud of this family heritage, Olivier works tirelessly to please your senses.


Olivier Stintzi

He represents the 3rd generation of the Stintzi family. Hard working, ambitious and passionate, he is now the manager of the family estate. With his Diploma in Agriculture, and Senior technological-commercial Diploma specializing in wine, Olivier has brought precision and modernity to the estate.

In 2001 he went to work for 4 months at ‘Caymus Vineyards in the Napa Valley, California.

Upon his return to France his father passed the running of the business over to Olivier. In the vineyards, in the cellar, or in the tasting room, it is now Olivier who personally takes care of the elaboration of all the wines being produced at the Domain. Today, helped by his wife Solène, he manages an estate of almost 8 hectares. His wines are sold in many European countries, at wine fairs, and at private tastings, but also directly at the cellar where Solène, as a tour guide, comes to visit with her tourist groups of different nationalities.

Gérard Stintzi

Managing the domain until the 2000s, Gérard, Oliver's father, represents the 2nd generation. He is the "pillar" of the family having entirely developed the estate together with his wife Yvette in the 1970s. Thanks to his love of wine and his hard work, he succeeded in establishing firm

foundations, and still continues daily to assist Olivier in his work.


Auguste Stintzi

Grand-father of Olivier, he is the founder of the Stintzi Domain. Together with his wife Berthe, they decide to specialise in wine-growing just after the Second World War. Auguste is fun-loving and always cracking jokes! He learns the job as he goes along, installs his wooden tanks in the basement of a pretty, typical Alsace house in Husseren-les-Châteaux : the "Stintzi House" is born!

Few dates

The 1950s

In the 1950s Auguste Stintzi starts the bottling of his harvest. The small wine estate located in Husseren-les-Châteaux also grows some different crops, and owns some cattle, just like most of the estates after the Second World War.

The techniques of cultivation are not yet those we know nowadays: the growing of the vines is hard and laborious and the harvest depends a lot on the weather. It is not rare that the whole harvest is destroyed due to bad weather or a lack of means.


The 1970s

Just 20 years later, Gérard, the youngest child of Auguste and Berthe, takes over the family estate. He marries Yvette who is also the daughter of a wine grower of a neighbouring village.

Gérard and Yvette expand the domain: they increase the surface area of production to 4 hectares, they develop wine sales, they invest in some new equipment, they enlarge the cellar etc.‎‎


The 2000s

At the beginning of the 2000s, Olivier, son of Gérard and Yvette, starts to work on the estate. He invests in some more efficient and more modern equipment, and again enlarges the cellar. Now he is able to take over the vineyards of his Aunt Marlyse, the sister of Gérard Stintzi and the wife of

Gérard Hertzog. The wine estate is situated in Gueberschwihr, 4 kilometers away from Husseren. The vineyard area is almost doubled and reaches 7.5 hectares.



Today the domain remains a family estate, as Auguste and Berthe started it. Gérard and Yvette officially retired 15 years ago, but they are still very present and give much appreciated help thanks to their experience and their know-how.‎