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Our “Traditional” Wines

Expressive and delicate, it's a fragile grape variety that needs a lot of care from the wine maker.

In Alsace it is traditionally made as a dry wine - not to be confused with the sweet wines of the south of France).

€7.40 Price
Our Crémants

Made using the traditional method, this is a quality sparkling wine which meets requirements similar to those applied by the Champagne winemakers.

€8.70 Price
Our “Prestige” Wines

An east-south-easterly exposition, on a limestone marl soil with medium water retention and intense heat radiation. The maturity of the grapes is very early here.

€12.70 Price
Our “Traditional” Wines

A light and subtle wine, it is fruity and refreshing. As soon as the sunny days arrive, it will find its place on your table, starting with the aperitif and continuing with the grilled meats. Serve well chilled.

€6.60 Price
Our “Prestige” Wines

Made from over-ripe grapes, the Vendanges Tardives (Late Harvest) give birth to sweet, rich and complex wines which can be savoured on their own or enjoyed with Foie Gras.

€13.90 Price